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What to Expect

Your experience at Fixer Upper Fitness begins with a private meeting with one of our ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialists. During this meeting we will get to know each other and begin to understand your vision for your health. We will also do a health fitness screening and review any pertinent past medical history. Current markers such as Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, and Heart Rate will also be assessed and recorded.
With your vision in mind we will begin forming appropriate goals. It is very important to us that we reach your goals. Goal setting is a powerful tool to help you motivate and encourage yourself. We will develop both short and long term goals all the while giving the support and instilling the confidence you need to reach a new healthy way of living.
Once your goals are established we will create a specialized program just for you that will work toward reaching your short term goals and creating life change. We use a variety of different cardio and strength training methods to achieve your specific goals. By using both functional strength methods as well as other forms like kettle bell routines and body weight exercises, we can help you achieve a healthier you.